Realm3 and TAREG Launch Facebook App

The Ashton Real Estate Group (TAREG) of RE/MAX Elite has launched the first Facebook Real Estate application dedicated solely to the local real estate market.

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Best Buy Secret Santa Featured In Ad Age

A Facebook application that Realm3 helped to build was featured in Ad Age under "Social-media strategies we love."

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Command Line Kung Fu at Ruby on Rails October Meeting

A short but well-received talk on bash command line magic at the Ruby on Rails Meetup in October.

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Web Security 101 at BarCamp Nashville 2009

Slides and some video from the Nashville 2009 BarCamp talk.

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Ubuntu 9.04 on Asus K40IN-A1

An ongoing documentation of the ASUS A40's Linux compatability.

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Lightning Fast CakePHP

One technique for lightning-fast rendering of your pages.

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NYPHP Presentation - Become A Bash Ninja

Slides and video from the March 24, 2009 NYPHP presentation on using bash as a development environment, and brief coverage of GNU screen, vim, phing, and siege. The video was put together by my good friend James Allen Walker.

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Craiglist Hall Of Shame Version 4

Calling all starving programmers!

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Tips For Finding Great Freelance Developers

Finding qualified candidates can be difficult, especially if you're not technically inclined. Here are some general tips that can help you in your search.

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Exhuberant Ctags in Vim for PHP on Ubuntu 8.10

Installing it is easy and maps out all of your project functions for autocompletion.

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Compiling and Using JSMin on Ubuntu

A quick tutorial on compiling and using a common Javascript minifier on Ubuntu.

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Installing Django From Source on Ubuntu 8.10

The synaptic package is version 0.96, so if you want a newer version you'll need to install it from source.

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OpenDNS Woes

I love the idea of OpenDNS, but occasionally I find it to be troublesome.

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Hall Of Shame - YouTube and eBay for 3500

Why pay millions of dollars for YouTube when you could re-create the entire thing for $3500?

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Drag and Drop Trees With CakePHP

CakePHP's TreeBehavior is quite useful, but wouldn't it be nice if we could save parent/child/sibling relationships in a nice drag & drop UI?

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Public Pages - A Small CakePHP 1.2 AuthComponent Hack

If you want to only deny access to pages using the "admin" system, then this is a snippet of code you might find helpful.

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May 1, 2008 Open Coffee

Open Coffee is a weekly meeting of entrepreneurs and business folks in the tech community. It's expanding membership is starting to cause some growth pains.

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Hall Of Shame - Expert PHP Senior Developer

We don't just want an expert developer. Or even just a "senior." What we want is an expert senior!

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Hall Of Shame - PHP MYSQL - Paid Internship!

I've decided to start posting some of the awful Craigslist (and elsewhere) advertisements that I see in the NYC region. In this example, the poster obviously has no idea what's involved in tying into APIs and customizing CMS backends.

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Speeding Up SugarCRM Soap Requests

SugarCRM is an open source application commonly used by sales teams to manage accounts. By default, it's SOAP requests are miserably slow.

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Know Thy Code

Do you suffer from "Just One More Compile" syndrome?

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SVN Unadd

If you've added a directory and you didn't mean to, how do you unadd it?

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Internet Access Filtering With OpenDNS

No installation required, it's free and easy to set up.

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Getting Started With VIM and PHP

VIM is a powerful editor program that works well with any programming language on just about any machine.

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Managing Multiple Versions of CakePHP on Linux

If you're developing several different applications with CakePHP, over time it's easy to run into issues with running different versions of CakePHP across your applications. What's the best way to organize everything?

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